Clayton Downtown Development Association

The purpose of the Clayton Downtown Development Association (CDDA) is to preserve the character of the Downtown Clayton area, to protect the historic significance of the buildings, facilities, and spaces within Downtown Clayton and to educate citizens and business owners about the value of the history of Downtown Clayton.

The group also works to promote Downtown Clayton as a place to invest for the preservation and promotion of historic quality, unique features and historic landmarks.

The CDDA is an 11-member Town Council-appointed advisory committee that includes citizens who live inside the town limits, business people with interests in the Downtown Clayton area, property owners within the Downtown District of Clayton, or other people with knowledge or abilities deemed beneficial to the purpose of the Association by the Town Council. The Association works on behalf of the Town of Clayton and serves the Town's interests in relation to the goals and priorities established by the Town Council for the Town of Clayton. The goals of the CDDA are to:

  • Protect and strengthen the business, cultural and entertainment environments in downtown Clayton

  • Provide services to those who shop, play and work in downtown Clayton.

  • Serve as the voice of businesses and property owners in downtown Clayton with local and state entities.

  • Support and coordinate long-term planning for downtown Clayton.

The CDDA, Inc. meets on the second Monday of each month. Meetings are open to the public.